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L' Arabesque Ballet

Nurturing the Joy of Dance while Striving for Excellence.

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L' Arabesque Ballet 
Directed by former Alberta Ballet Soloist, Laetitia Clément.

Creative expression is highly encouraged as ballet is an art form that requires both technique and artistry.

Whilst developing a strong technique and musicality, students will also gain self-confidence and self-esteem through performance opportunities.


While learning self-discipline and commitment, ballet students understand the satisfaction of reaching long-term goals.

What People are saying about us

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Dimitris Charakopoulos

Amazing place, very skilled ballet teachers. The owner is a former Professional Ballerina and has a lot to offer to the students.
Many events happen throughout the year and keep the students inspired and motivated to work hard.
The students attend professional performances with the teachers during the year and, have the opportunity to be part of some of them.
Highly recommended.

Carrie Libling.jpeg

Carrie Libling

My daughter has been taking classes at L’Arabesque Ballet for 3 years. Ms. Laetitia is a wonderful teacher and runs an amazing ballet school that boosts her students confidence and skills in an encouraging, friendly and warm atmosphere.


Yineska Saavedra

My daughter has been going to the L'Arabesque Ballet for over 4 years and it has been critical in the development of her physical abilities and her character. My daughter has learned discipline, hard work, great posture, music feeling, patience and the value of friendship. L'Arabesque Ballet is a welcoming community and I highly recommend it.