Adult & Senior Classes

The Benefits of Adult Ballet Classes

Whether you took dance classes when you were younger or you are dreaming of starting as a beginner, you don’t have to be a professional ballerina to enjoy the benefits of adult ballet classes!


Regular practice of ballet can give you just as much strength as training with small weights. The actual ballet carriage of the arms makes your back strong and your movements more fluid, but you’ll also find that you’re more fit to carry things in your everyday life.

When you combine the postural, core, and stabilizing strength ballet provides, you get a nice side effect: improved coordination.
A great portion of the ballet barre is devoted to stretching after every sequence, so it seems natural one’s flexibility would improve greatly.

The entire ballet form is based on incredible posture. Adult ballet students will often tell us that they have improved posture due to increases in core/postural strength and body awareness.

Even professional ballerinas use the kind of ballet exercises we use in beginning adult ballet classes to maintain their perfect posture!

Like any form of exercise, ballet releases powerful endorphins which can lift one’s spirit. Combined with beautiful music, your have a recipe for feeling happy and regenerated!

Students have also told us that they feel an increased sharpness in their cognitive function. We suspect this is due to the mental processing one must accomplish in class. Some studies show that dance training can possibly slow or prevent Alzheimer’s. Learning ballet routines can keep your mind sharp – stretching not only your muscles, but also your memory.

Ballet is an excellent “all in one” exercise, combining extensive stretches with concentrated movement. Muscle tone and flexibility improve over time.

While you might think that facing a mirror for one hour can deflate confidence, results consistently show the opposite. Learning new skills, at any point in your life, can really boost one’s confidence.

Recent scientific studies can back us up on this: dance can increase your overall life satisfaction. Our students believe the deep concentration needed to remember ballet positions and routines clears the mind, like meditation. Students report a better sense of well-being after class. These results seem to last well beyond the time spent in the studio!

Stressed? Maybe the solution is ballet!